Visual Arts

Throughout the course of a child’s time at Arborbrook they are given a wealth of exposure to art in the classroom by their teachers.  Each grade follows a timeline of artists that allows the student to be inspired by a different artist for each grade from kindergarten to 8th grade.

Art class is an individual weekly class that teaches the discipline of art using the elements and principles of art to build solid art skills and techniques.  Art instruction begins in kindergarten and continues through high school.  As students build artistic skills they progress to more challenging projects and art media throughout their education.  Students are exposed to teacher-led projects as well as independent creative work.   Art instruction helps each student with visual-spatial perception, personal expression, fine motor skills, innovation, problem-solving and critical thinking.  Art education teaches skills that will cross over into other subjects as well as lifelong learning.

High school art teaches the students the foundations of art with projects that teach the elements of art and the principles of design.  During high school, students will be using multiple art media with an opportunity to build an art portfolio that represents their unique style.


Spring 2024 Student Art Show

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