From the Head of School

Fall 2023

Greetings Arborbrook,

We launched the ROOTS campaign one year ago, and what a year it has been! We began the campaign seeking to raise $3.5 million over 3 years. Last year, with one-time gifts and pledges, we raised nearly $1 million. Praise the Lord for this provision!

As we begin ROOTS 2.0, there is a sense of urgency to complete the mission of constructing our first new school building. As Arborbrook continues to grow, we are mindful that our space issue remains a top priority. While we eagerly wait on God’s timing and provision for this building, we have been busy improving our campus and retaining and attracting quality faculty. These strategic initiatives have been identified as the priorities that will catapult us into Arborbrook’s best days ahead. 

Arborbrook has grown while holding fast to its educational distinctives. Our unique approach to education continues to be of timeless value during a time of great tumult in our culture, our world, and in education across the nation. Our teachers and staff consistently look for best practices and ways to improve the robust education we offer. As the culture shifts further and further away from biblical standards, Arborbrook has continued to provide biblical teaching and practices to equip, empower, and encourage our students to become thoughtful believers with answers to the questions of their day.

News of state legislation that expands the Opportunity Scholarship for all families in North Carolina will certainly impact Arborbrook in the coming months. More and more families will be able to afford Christian education as the State of North Carolina begins to provide funds for private school education. We are on the threshhold of a new day for Christian education.

Do you share our conviction that our unique approach to Christian education is vitally important ? If so, will you consider joining us by sharing a generous gift for our ROOTS 2.0 campaign? Your tax-deductible gift will be used to construct a building that will be used for God’s glory in the life of our students and their families. With ROOTS established in love, we seek to create space so our students can thrive.

Let’s keep moving forward,

Dr. Andrew Zawacki, Head of School