Who We Are

Our Core Values

Biblical Worldview

Christ-centered environment; Biblical worldview; Pursuit of truth and godliness; Focus on character development; Apologetics and Worldview as required classes in the high school

Charlotte Mason Philosophy

A philosophy of education influenced by the works of Charlotte Mason (living books, narration, nature study, chronological history, importance of humanities, view of child as a whole person made in the image of God)

Love of Learning

Respect for individual differences and unique learning styles; Creative and innovative teaching methods; Hands-on and experiential learning

Parental Involvement

Strong support of parents as primary educators; Extensive parental involvement in the school through PVC (Parent Volunteer Cooperative); Friday at-home study days encourage parents to come alongside students as educators

Less is More

Small classes which encourage relationships; Shorter days and shorter lessons so learning is enjoyable and students have time to pursue other interests such as sports and music; Shorter weeks so Fridays may be used for field trips, outdoor ed. days, extra time on projects and other work

Real-life Learning

Learning from the environment and the community (Enrichment days, Educational trips, Family outings); internships for high school students.


Juniors at Arborbrook take a Leadership class. Students are put in groups and each group is tasked with capturing Arborbrook’s unique culture. This year’s winning video is featured here.