Meet Our Head of School

Dr. Andrew Zawacki

Dr. Andrew Zawacki

Dr. Andrew Zawacki serves Arborbrook as Head of School. 

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s degree in Educational Administration, and a doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership.

My involvement in Arborbrook began in 2014, when my family moved from upstate NY where I served as a pastor of a 500-member church. I am married to Michelle (26 years) and we have 20-year-old triplets who began schooling at Arborbrook in 8th grade. Joshua, Anna, and Christie are current Juniors in college.

When interviewing families coming to Arborbrook, I can often be heard saying that our family “came to Arborbrook because of the educational philosophy, and we stayed at Arborbrook because of the community.” Having found long-time friends and like-minded parents, I take the community aspect of Arborbrook very seriously. It is my desire to enhance our community while striving to make Arborbrook the best version of itself. I have carefully studied the school’s unique culture and consistently work to guard and encourage the community at Arborbrook.

In addition to head of school responsibilities, I also teach two classes in the high school. I teach Introduction to Sociology as a dual enrollment course and a leadership course. The curriculum for the leadership course became my doctoral project back in 2018. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and love working with young people. Outside of school, I also teach courses at the college level. I currently teach at Ocean County College, Montreat College, and Liberty University.

I have enjoyed learning more and more about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education. I seek to model her advice for schoolmasters (her word, not ours). “Our crying need today is less for a better method of education than for an adequate conception of children—children, merely as human beings….” If that was true in Mason’s day, how much more is it true today?