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Sow What?
Carina Brossy

With summer at our doorstep, we strategically set out to plant lush summer gardens on campus for many important reasons. And it may not be why you think.

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Spring is for Backyard Chickens!
Carina Brossy

Backyard chickens make a wonderful addition to home and garden life. With a multitude of benefits, chickens are a mainstay for many looking to have a regular source of protein and fertilizer for their gardens. Baby chicks go on sale in the spring! Read more if you're interested in starting your own flock this spring.

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Combs, Croaks and Cries
Carina Brossy

Have you been by a body of fresh water lately? It doesn’t have to be very big; it can even be a ditch or a small puddle. If so, you may have heard the calls of some extraordinarily persistent frogs. This week students gained hands-on experience with this curious amphibian. 

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Winter Medicinal Plants
Carina Brossy

Despite the cold soil, medicinal plants can still flourish across winter yards, parks and Arborbrook! Yarrow took the stage this week as junior high students harvested and crafted herbal salves from this important anti-inflammatory plant. Want the recipe?

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A Forest of Faith
Carina Brossy

It is astonishing how many times the Bible references trees to symbolize provision, warning, discipline, discernment and more. Our students have the ability to study under trees  that were just tiny saplings in their grandparents' or even great-grandparents' generation - what a symbol of God's faithfulness.

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The Nature Habit
Carina Brossy

How do we cultivate a nature habit in the fall? Charlotte Mason once said, "Let them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight and habit throughout life."  

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Five Tips for Fall Gardens
Carina Brossy

Fall is a wonderful time for outdoor recreation and weekend getaways. We can finally breathe a sigh of relief from Piedmont summer heat. If a summer garden is reminiscent of a busy airport, then the fall garden is like the busy packing before a big trip. Fall gardens are all about preparation. Here are five important tips to "prepare" your gardens this fall.

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The Power of small Things
Carina Brossy

From majestic mountains to rushing rivers, grand landscapes quickly garner our attention. Small wonders are often overlooked, limiting our perspectives on how nature divinely operates. This week, our gardens and lessons overflowed with the POWER of small things! 

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From Fear to Fascination
Carina Brossy

Don't you love when you get a face full of spiderweb while walking in the woods? Ugh! This time of the year is very "spidery" as many of our arachnid friends feast heavily on late summer insects. Big Bertha, our celebrity garden spider, taught nature study students that there is an important reason for their voracious appetites and tightly knit webs. Read more about "Big Bertha"...or just ask your student. 

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The Airport Garden
Carina Brossy

Did you travel by plane this summer? If so, you were likely delayed on a runway awaiting your plane’s turn for take-off. The Arborbrook gardens are reminiscent of a busy summertime airport with all manner of pollinators anxiously moving about. It's because of them through God's purposeful design that our students enjoyed fresh fruits and veggies this first week of school. 

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