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Arborbrook Athletics: Where Faith and Sports Converge

Arborbrook Christian Academy Athletics is more than just a collection of sports teams; it is an extension of the Christian values instilled in our classrooms. Our athletic program seeks to glorify God through our words and actions, fostering an environment where playing, coaching, volunteering, and cheering all reflect our commitment to Christ.

Philosophy and Values:
While we prepare and strive for success on the field, our coaches and staff actively seek opportunities to integrate sports concepts with life principles and Biblical truths. Arborbrook Athletics is not only about winning games but also about building character, teamwork, and leadership skills that extend far beyond the sports arena.

Celebrating excellence, Arborbrook Athletics proudly boasts 10 varsity conference championships, a testament to the dedication, skill, and sportsmanship of our athletes. Furthermore, we take pride in our 13 college athletes who are alumni, showcasing the caliber of talent and character developed through our athletic programs.

Join Arborbrook Athletics and experience the unique blend of faith, sportsmanship, and skill development.

Upper School Boys:

Basketball (Varsity, JV, Middle School)
Soccer (Varsity)
Volleyball (Varsity)
Cross Country (Varsity)
Golf (Varsity, Middle School)
Baseball (Middle School)

Upper School Girls:

Basketball (Varsity, JV, Middle School)
Soccer (Varsity)
Volleyball (Varsity, Middle School)
Cross Country (Varsity)

Lower School Sports:

Basketball (1st - 5th)
Flag Football (1st - 5th)
Sports Camp (K - 2nd)
Pom Squad (K - 4th)

Mini Sports Camps:
Throughout the year, we offer mini sports camps for Lower School students, providing them with a fun and engaging introduction to various sports. For more information on mini sports camps, please contact Derek Durst.


Derek Durst, Athletic Director

Derek Durst

Andrea Robson, Assistant Athletic Director

Andrea Robson


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