The Value of an Arborbrook Education

At Arborbrook Christian Academy, we understand that choosing the right educational environment for your child is a significant decision. Our commitment to providing an exceptional education, rooted in academic excellence and Christian faith, is reflected in the value we place on each student's growth and development.

Tuition and Fees: Investing in an Arborbrook education means investing in an unparalleled educational experience. Our tuition and fees cover a range of comprehensive services, including a rigorous curriculum, small class sizes, spiritual development programs, outdoor classrooms, and access to a vibrant and supportive community.

We believe in transparency and are committed to making our high-quality education as accessible as possible. Our tuition and fees are detailed clearly, ensuring families have a comprehensive understanding of the value they receive.

Financial Aid Opportunities: We recognize the importance of making an Arborbrook education accessible to families from diverse financial backgrounds. Arborbrook Christian Academy connects eligible families to financial aid opportunities, helping to make our exceptional educational experience attainable.

The Value of an Arborbrook Education: Choosing Arborbrook is an investment in your child's future. Our educational approach not only emphasizes academic rigor but also focuses on character development, spiritual growth, and a sense of community. The value of an Arborbrook education extends beyond the classroom, preparing students for success in higher education and beyond.

Join us at Arborbrook Christian Academy, where the investment in your child's education is an investment in a well-rounded, purpose-driven, and faith-centered future. Explore our tuition, fees, and financial aid options, and discover the transformative value of an Arborbrook education.

Enroll today and become part of a community where excellence, faith, and personal growth converge for a truly enriching educational experience.

TUITION 2024-2025







FACTS Family Communication System Fee

Arborbrook communicates with families about grades, attendance, and to handle family accounts through a system called FACTS. The required annual usage fee for each family is $75. The required annual usage fee is discounted to $25 for families who pay tuition in full by July 1st.

Enrollment Fee
An enrollment fee is charged annually and is used to cover expenses such as curriculum, lab materials, classroom supplies, student supplies, student insurance, standardized testing fees and a contribution toward classroom furnishings. Non-consumable books and materials remain the property of the school. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Fees not included in tuition:
Annual enrollment fee- $549, one-time locker fee (grades 6+)- $49, Annual technology fee (grades 9-12)- $40, catered lunch, afterschool enrichment, high school outdoor education days, optional Friday field trips