North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship

From the Head of School

Greetings Arborbrook,

The North Carolina Legislature has expanded the Opportunity Scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year. This can positively impact your family. For many years, the Opportunity Scholarship has been available to families choosing private school at Kindergarten or when families moved their child from public to private education. There has always been an income requirement for families to qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship. The new legislation will open the expanded Opportunity Scholarship to all North Carolina families seeking private education for their children.

The chart below summarizes the details of the legislation that was part of the State budget:

We are providing this information to you so you can stay informed. The process of applying for the Opportunity Scholarship will be detailed at a Parent Meeting on January 9, 2024. The application opens February 1, 2024. You cannot apply until then. The State will prioritize families who apply by February 29, 2024. We are being told the priority will be low-income families, followed by higher-income families. It is important to apply during February, 2024 to be considered.

The information card will help you gather information about the expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship. There are two resources found on this card: the NCSEAA (North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority), the state organization that distributes the scholarships and the PEFNC (Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina), a lobbying group that will assist in answering questions about the application process. A member of PEFNC will join us for our Parent Meeting on January 9, 2024 to answer your questions.

I will provide more details as we get updates about this legislation. Plan to join us on January 9 to gain more information.


Dr. Andy Zawacki

Head of School