Upper School at Arborbrook Grades 7-12

Our Upper School is comprised of grades 7-12.

Junior High is grades 7-8, and High School is grades 9-12.

Daily Schedule

Drop off begins at 8:15 am Monday - Thursday, with classes beginning 8:30 am. Pick up begins at 3:00 pm and ends at 3:15 pm.

First page of the PDF file: Public_UpperSchoolSchedule2023-2024-GoogleDocs

Jamie Emrich, Upper School Principal

Jamie Emrich

I am honored to serve as the Upper School Principal at Arborbrook for grades 7-12.  I have pursued a life in education since college where I earned a BA in Education and an MA in English.  I have worked in education, both public and private, for over 25 years and have enjoyed working with the wonderful faculty and staff at Arborbrook for the last ten.

My family came to Arborbrook when my oldest son entered Kindergarten.  He is now an Arborbrook graduate!  We have been blessed, served, and encouraged by the community and teachers at Arborbrook, and I am thankful to be able to give back to that community and hopefully bless new families as they join us.

I am passionate about developing our students into Christian thinkers and lifelong learners.  I believe that all students have been given the gift of a strong mind, and they can learn about God and His world.  Education is exploration and a continual unveiling of what God has done and is doing.  Our responsibility as educators is to enable and guide our students in that exploration.  It may not always be easy, but it is certainly worthwhile. 

Samantha Haun

Samantha Haun

Assistant Principal