Lower School (K-6)

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Drop off begins at 8:30 am Monday - Thursday with classes beginning at 8:45 am.  Pick up begins at 2:45 pm and ends at 3:00 pm.  

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Kristen Woodman, Lower School Principal

Kristen Woodman

After earning my bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, I began tutoring in math and found I had a great love for children, helping others and a passion for education.  In 2006, I completed the teacher certification process while living in Central Florida and taught both elementary, and high school math.  Since moving to Charlotte in 2011, I am currently licensed in North Carolina in Elementary Education K-6, Math 5-9, Math 9-12, Business Education 6-12, and ESL K-12.   

My family consists of my husband, Gabriel, and our three children.  As with most parents, it has been a journey for us to work out and refine practical guiding principles in which to prepare our children well for adulthood.  My husband and I greatly enjoy learning about history, science, humanities, and others’ life experiences.  We hoped to cultivate the same life-learning curiosity in our children as well.  My experiences teaching in public, private, and virtual schools left me discouraged, working with students that were largely motivated by earning good grades, or not motivated much at all.  It wasn’t the learning atmosphere I wanted for my children.  We tried homeschooling for a few years, but that didn’t seem to be the right fit either.  

Through homeschooling, however, I was introduced to Charlotte Mason through the curriculum we had chosen.  I immediately connected with her philosophy and felt I had finally found the key to what I had spent years trying to create both for my children and my former students.  Her writings were extremely insightful and enlightening.  Then we found Arborbrook.  

Arborbrook has provided such a rich education for my children.  One of my favorite responsibilities is visiting classrooms and seeing the creativity, joy, and enthusiasm that is happening all the time, across all subject areas.  Our students are excited to learn and participate, and feel valued and respected as the individuals they are.  We teach the whole child and are intentional about teaching them good habits that will serve them well their whole life.  The habits of observation, self-control, honesty- and so many more- are so important to instill in the world around us.  Most importantly, we teach children about their Creator that purposely designed them and loves them sacrificially and unconditionally.  Arborbrook has been an incredible blessing for my family and a mighty vehicle God continues to use to draw people to Him and to one another.    

Samantha Haun

Samantha Haun

Assistant Principal