High School at Arborbrook

A Journey of Academic Excellence and Spiritual Growth

Arborbrook's Upper School is comprised of grades 7-12. Junior High is grades 7-8, and High School is grades 9-12. 

At Arborbrook's High School, we cultivate an environment where students embark on a journey of academic excellence, spiritual development, and meaningful experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Our commitment to holistic education is exemplified by unique partnerships and graduation requirements that set us apart.

Partnership with Ocean County College - Dual Enrollment Program: Arborbrook Christian Academy proudly partners with Ocean County College to offer Dual Enrollment classes for juniors and seniors. This collaborative program provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school, preparing them for the academic challenges of higher education. With this unique partnership, all of our DE courses meet on our campus, and many  are taught by our very own faculty.

Additional Graduation Requirements: To ensure our students are well-rounded and prepared for success, Arborbrook Christian Academy High School has additional graduation requirements that go beyond traditional academics. These include:

  • 17 Outdoor Education Days
  • 3 Educational Trips
  • 2 Mission Trips
  • 50 Internship Hours
  • 60 Volunteer Hours

For a detailed look at our graduation requirements and a comprehensive overview of our school, view our School Profile below.

Field Trips and Special Events: High school life at Arborbrook is enriched by a variety of field trips and special events that contribute to a vibrant and engaging community. From our annual Fall Mountain Retreat at Camp Harrison to the excitement of prom, homecoming, and field day, each event is designed to foster camaraderie and create lasting memories.

  • Fall Mountain Retreat at Camp Harrison: An immersive experience that builds community and deepens faith in Christ.
  • Prom, Grades 10-12: A night of celebration for our high school students.
  • Homecoming: A spirited event that brings our school community together.
  • Love Boldly Service Week: Local and international service projects that instill a heart for making a positive impact.
  • Senior Buddies: Fostering relationships between seniors and Kindergarten students.
  • Field Day: A day of friendly competition and outdoor activities.
  • Outdoor Lunch: Connecting with God's creation and friends during lunchtime.
  • Weekly High School Worship and Assembly: A time for worship and community building.
  • Monthly Coffee House Hour: A relaxed time of breakfast and socializing among high school students.

At Arborbrook Christian Academy High School, we are not just shaping minds; we are nurturing hearts, preparing students for a future of purpose, service, and academic achievement. Join us in creating a high school experience filled with growth, community, and a strong foundation in faith. Enroll today and become part of the Arborbrook family.

Curriculum Guides

High School Curriculum Guide

Dual Enrollment Course Guide

Arborbrook Christian Academy partners with Ocean County College to offer to Dual Enrollment classes for Juniors and Seniors.

Additional Graduation Requirements

17 Outdoor Education Days
3 Educational Trips
2 Mission Trips
50 Internship Hours
60 Volunteer Hours
For a detailed look, visit our school profile.

Field Trips and Special Events

Fall Mountain Retreat at Camp Harrison
Prom, Grades 10-12
Love Boldly Service Week, Local and International
Senior Buddies
Field Day
Outdoor Lunch
Weekly High School Worship and Assembly
Monthly Coffee House Hour

I am passionate about developing our students into Christian thinkers and lifelong learners.  I believe that all students have been given the gift of a strong mind, and they can learn about God and His world.  Education is exploration and a continual unveiling of what God has done and is doing. 

- Jamie Emrich, Principal


Jamie Emrich

Jamie Emrich

Principal, Upper School
Samantha Haun

Samantha Haun

Assistant Principal