Elementary School (K-6)

A Foundation to Lifelong Learning and Faith

At Arborbrook Christian Academy, our Elementary School is referred to as Lower School. Arborbrook's Lower School is a place where young minds begin their educational journey with a foundation built on academic excellence and Christian values. Serving students from Kindergarten to 6th grade, our Lower School embraces the principles of the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy and is deeply rooted in faith in Christ. Arrival for Lower School begins at 8:30am Monday-Thursday with classes beginning at 8:40am. Dismissal begins at 2:45pm and ends at 3:00pm.

Lower School Distinctives:

  • Charlotte Mason Philosophy: Arborbrook Lower School is guided by the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy, fostering a love for learning through living ideas and hands-on experiences. Our curriculum emphasizes character development, good habits, and a broad range of subjects to provide a well-rounded education.

  • Twice Weekly Worship Assembly: Spiritual development is integral to our Lower School experience. Students participate in a Worship Assembly twice a week, creating a space for reflection, prayer, and nurturing a personal relationship with Christ. This intentional time helps instill values that go beyond the academic realm.

  • Faith in Christ: Arborbrook Lower School is dedicated to cultivating a strong foundation in faith. Our educational environment is centered on Christian principles, creating a community where the love of Christ is woven into every aspect of learning and daily life.

  • Specials: Enriching the Academic Journey: Our Lower School offers a range of specials to complement the core curriculum and provide a holistic educational experience. These include:

    • Art: Nurturing creativity and self-expression through various artistic mediums.
    • Music: Inspiring a love for music and encouraging musical exploration.
    • Nature Studies: Connecting students with the wonders of the natural world through outdoor exploration.
    • Physical Education (PE): Promoting physical well-being, teamwork, and the development of fundamental motor skills.

Join us at Arborbrook Christian Academy Lower School, where education is not only about academic achievement but also about nurturing the whole child – academically, spiritually, and socially. Enroll your child in an environment where curiosity is sparked, character is developed, and a love for learning is cultivated. Become part of the Arborbrook family, and let your child's educational journey begin with a strong foundation in faith and excellence.

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Arborbrook has provided such a rich education for my children.  One of my favorite responsibilities is visiting classrooms and seeing the creativity, joy, and enthusiasm that is happening all the time, across all subject areas.

- Lower School Parent



Kristen Woodman, Lower School Principal

Kristen Woodman

Samantha Haun

Samantha Haun

Assistant Principal